What Is Your Word In Your Prospect’s Mind? – JMVO Weekly Primer Ep 46 w Laura Ries

Today it seems that everyone is an overnight marketing “expert”.

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For me, I know what I know due to years of message crafting with thousands of broadcasting clients across a myriad of industries. I am more of a “what is your big idea and how do we boil it down to the simplest way to say it?” marketing “expert”. Much of my expertise derives from a series of books that still have an impact on me today.

Laura Ries of the legendary marketing powerhouse Ries and Ries carries that legacy on today. Beginning with “The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing”, Ries’ principles have shaped what we know as marketing long before “branding” became the massive buzzword that it is today.

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Jim has been a professional voice over/video and audio producer/branding dude since 1996. He’s voiced well over 1000 scripts for clients who include the likes of Coca-Cola, Jose Cuervo, and Home Depot. He’s produced hundreds of script-less unposed videos for hundreds of business folk, artists, musicians and speakers.

Jim has also coached hundreds of people from various backgrounds how to do voice overs and is available for coaching that includes demo production packages.

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