Kim McKeeman :: Marketing In The Midst of a Crisis – JMVO Weekly Primer Ep 58

One of the first things that business owners cut during the beginnings of a tough economy are their marketing budgets.
Now’s the time to keep your story going however you can.
Kim McKeeman owns McKeeman Communications. “We’re not a traditional PR agency, and we like that. We’re also not the agency for every client, and that’s good too. We want best-fit relationships that we can invest in and grow.”
Kim has been providing public relations agency services in Nashville, Charlotte and Raleigh since the early 90s.
In this episode, Kim and I discuss the importance of countering the bad news traditional media narrative with the good news stories. Believe it or not, there are good things happening everyday during the COVID-19 pandemic that has just about shutdown the entire world. Business owners are slashing budgets left and right in order to ensure their survival of however long this crisis may last. They should also be telling their stories as they navigate this time along with other community businesses.
Kim believes that the businesses who are customer focused with a #bethemcentric attitude will win during this time. Relationships are the new currency and they’re still out there to be had.
We also discuss the benefits of starting a podcast for your business. It’s one way you can tell yours and other’s stories in your own narrative.
I just published this video on how to record your podcast, make it turnkey AND make it sound good:
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