The Commute, Episode 2 with Regie Hamm

On the second episode of the commute, Regie and I discuss the state of modern songwriting, the Bee Gees and I forget the name of one of Regie’s biggest songs. I once forgot the name of a band I was introducing…at one of Regie’s shows. Hey, I just have one of those fu…

Two Types of Ads That Really Matter for Mass or Social Media

In my 20 years of creating/writing/producing/shooting/voicingvariousadvertising content onvariousmediums for clients invariousindustries, I have come to the conclusion that you can really bake ads of any kind down to two types:

Transactional and relational.

Relational adsare the ads you encounter that nurture some kind of a relationship with a business over a long period of time. Yep. They can also be considered as branding campaigns. These ads don’t have to be all about the business beating its chest with all the things they service or sell. I prefer to write them to be more about the prospective customer and how the business can offer something of value when the time is right. Essentially, these are campaigns are like a dating process. They simply begin some sort of a relationship with prospective, new and even existing customers.

To the Advertisers with Huge Ad Schedules and Limp Messages

I can always tell the companies that truly believe in their medium. They’re the ones who have gone “all in” with their chips on one or two radio stations. You hear their ads just about all the time. Well….
There’s one company in particular that advertises in the Nashville market that is in almost every commercial break on one of the stations I frequent. It’s a company that helps with…um, “men stuff”. Let me know if you know who I’m talking about.

#PersonalBranding – What’s The Big Idea?

K.I.S.S. Keep it simple, stupid. This is a concept that’s been addressed so many times in so many different ways, yet there are so many businesses that continue to describe what they do in the form of a convoluted data dump that leaves the prospect struggling to figure it out. You’ll hear some form of this just about everyday in any given commercial stop set on any given local radio station.

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