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Flying Cars and Alex Jones :: WYP Clip from Episode 142 w/Michael Clark

Where is Technology ACTUALLY Going?The world was told in the 50s that we’d have flying cars by the 2000s… looking at today and seeing that we clearly don’t have flying cars, was that really what the government thought or was it a ploy to make money?We don’t know when we’ll see flying cars (maybe when…

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143 – The “Back Against the Wall” Mindset :: Jenny Earwood

A Middle Tennessee Business Podcast… The tales of sales. When someone steps into a sales game of any sort, there’s always a massive season of uncertainty, doubt and anxiety. Then the aha moment arrives…well….hopefully. Jenny Earwood tells her story of having to explore a career in sales after her divorce in 2012. A 4th grade…

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142 – How to Sever Your Personal Credit From Your Business :: Michael Clark

A Middle Tennessee Business Podcast… Michael Clark is a business credit expert, avid history buff and bagpiper. What Michael does most is to point out that not many business owners know how or are even aware that theay need to build business credit. From Michael: I help small to medium size businesses build a robust…

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141 – Don’t Miss the Opportunities to Make a Difference :: CareyAnn Cyr

A Middle Tennessee Business Podcast CareyAnn Cyr is the picture of grit, perseverance and ADAPTING. She built her mortgage business on being known for getting deals done that other mortgage pros couldn’t. CareyAnn is a reputable name in the Middle Tennessee area, known for her success in the mortgage industry. She moved to Nashville for…

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140 – How to Be Happy Everyday :: Jim Ryan

A Middle Tennessee Business Podcast… Being happy can be a choice. Sometimes it’s a difficult choice, but a choice nonetheless. Jim Ryan is a motivational speaker and author who wrote, “Simple Happiness, 52 Easy Ways to Lighten Up”. I can attest that it really is a powerful read with some easily applied concepts, particularly since…

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139 – The Blue Collar Voice Guy :: Troy Holden

A Middle Tennessee Business Podcast When I coach people who are getting into voiceover, one of the most common things I hear is, “I was always told I have a good voice.” To which I answer, “I would bet Gilbert Gottfried never heard that. But he made it work quite well for himself.” It’s not…

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138 – Mentoring and Paying it Forward :: Michael Gomez

A Middle Tennessee Business Podcast Michael Gomez is a crazy- talented photographer. I had the pleasure of meeting Michael a few years ago at his Westlight Studios in Franklin, Tennessee. In this episode, we’ll be discussing how Michael’s mentor, Slick Lawson, helped him to develop his skills and find his own unique style as a…

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137 – The Salesmanship of Our Kids :: Dan Rogers

A Middle Tennessee Business Podcast… College or no college? Sports or no sports? Let your kid find their self-awareness or carve a path for them? Dan Rogers makes his 2nd time appearance on the podcast and the conversation was amazing as usual. It could have gone MUCH longer than it did! As always, Dan and…

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136 – Getting Nashville Tourists to the Zoo :: Jim Bartoo

A Middle Tennessee Business Podcast I’ve known Jim Bartoo going back to my early days in Nashville radio. I have always known him to be at the helm of making sure our Nashville Zoo is marketed to the best ability and always be in a good light in the community. Nashvillians have come to embrace…

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135 – The Challenges of a Tennessee Public School Band Director :: Ashley Harris

A Middle Tennessee Business Podcast There’s no doubt that teaching is a passion-driven job. They don’t get into it for the money. In Ashley Harris’ case, she is driven by creating a life that purely fits who she is. Her desire to pour into our kids here in Spring Hill, Tennessee is off the charts!…

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