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What’s Jamie Yost’s Problem? :: So Many Ideas From Which to Pick

The problem with creative ideas is that once you start to execute on them, you keep getting more. Jamie Yost has such a problem. From recipe ideas to ideas about a video series wondering how they take the flag down at Camping World in downtown Nashville, Jamie has trouble realizing her time is limited and…

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What’s Alex Jimenez’s Problem? :: Assistance Resistance

Alex Jimenez is quickly becoming a person of interest in business around Middle Tennesee. He is a local mortgage professional who came from more than humble beginnings. ****SUBSCRIBE/RATE/FOLLOW What’s Your Problem? PODCAST: Random 5 sponsored by CULLEOKA COMPANY! @Culleoka Company Culleoka is here to eliminate the toxicity generally associated with cleaning. Our probiotic and…

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What’s ICU’s Problem? :: Getting Clients to See the Good

A good camera system typically catches people doing things when they don’t think others are watching. That may conjure up images of people being nefarious and underhanded…but what if they were actually *good* things? Ryan and Jackie Reid come on the show to discuss their ideas about helping business owners not only be in places…

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What’s Jay Strother’s Problem? :: The Balance Between Doing Too Much and Not Enough

Jay Strother is the Campus and Teaching Pastor of The Church at Station Hill. He previously served the Brentwood campus as the Emerging Generations Minister (2006-2009) overseeing the spiritual formation process for families and all ministries birth through college. Prior to that, Jay was the student minister at Brentwood Baptist (2001-2005), Shiloh Baptist (AL) and…

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What’s Brendan Frazier’s Problem? :: The Mental Health of Money

What is the *human* side of money? Brendan studies it. He has made it his life’s goal to share his findings with as many financial planners as he can.  *****SUBSCRIBE/RATE/FOLLOW What’s Your Problem? PODCAST: Random 5 sponsored by CULLEOKA COMPANY! @Culleoka Company   Culleoka is here to eliminate the toxicity generally associated with cleaning….

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What’s Liam Schnell’s Problem? :: De-Commoditization

Liam is one of those guys who exudes experience. Which is why I was quite surprised to find out how young he is into his very promising career path! Liam strives to de-commoditize himself in the insurance world. A tough feat for sure, but he understands the long game mindset needed to become a guy…

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What’s Tina Doniger’s Problem? :: Finding PEOPLE!!

Tina Doniger is a promotional/partnership wizard when it comes to helping businesses get more exposure and revenue from unconventional avenues. Tina and I world together in the radio world with Mix 92.9 and 96.3 JACK fm in Nashville. She has since gone on to tremendous careers in the travel and now the non-profit sectors.  Her…

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What’s Brian Covey’s Problem? :: Leading to Focus on Solutions, Not Problems

Soccer Pro, Soccer Dad, Family Man, Wealth Advisor, Speaker, Author, Top-Rated Podcast Host & Creative Disrupter. Yep, Brian Covey is a BUSY guy! How do you go from pro soccer player to VP of one of the largest mortgage companies in America – more importantly what did he learn along the way, the answer is…

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What’s Steve Beecham’s’ Problem? :: Getting You to GIVE FIRST!

HELP FIRST & BUSINESS WILL FOLLOW NATURALLY. I met Steve on a Thursday at an event sponsored by my pal Joe Easley with Country Financial. Within 10 minutes of hearing Steve speak, I had a page of notes and I knew I had to have him on the show. Steve embodies all things #beTHEMcentric! Steve…

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What’s Jackie Reid’s’ Problem? :: Living PRESENTLY

What’s Jackie Reid’s’ Problem? :: Living PRESENTLY   Jacie Reid believes in trying to “live in the now” as much as she can. She recently had a massive spiritual awakening and is blogging about her journey into a much less stressful life.   *****SUBSCRIBE/RATE/FOLLOW What’s Your Problem? PODCAST: Random 5 sponsored by CULLEOKA COMPANY!…

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